Here are some of the things that “TAKE ACTION!” 2008 has done.
Create occasions where everyone can participate and have fun. The people who gather there generate some form of action that will be good for society. This will make both you and everyone around you happy, which will in turn produce the next occasion where you can have fun. We present the many activities generated by“TAKE ACTION!” 2008.

Create opportunities for everyone to have fun and to think.
Participating players: 44 people from 14 countries

The all-star soccer match of your dreams “+1 FOOTBALL MATCH”
Through the common world language of soccer, the “+1 FOOTBALL MATCH” aims to create an opportunity for many people to think about one thing that they themselves can do.
To ensure that the event is earth-friendly, we have implemented 72,485 kg of carbon offsets.

Mosquito Net Distribution Project for the Prevention of Malaria
Charity Gala sponsored by Louis Vuitton, who supports the objectives of “TAKE ACTION!” 2008
The 28,955,881 yen proceeds of this auction were donated to the mosquito net distribution project for the prevention of malaria through the Japan Committee for UNICEF. In addition, a portion of the proceeds from sales of the DVD “Boku ga mita chikyu. Tabi tokidoki sakka” (“The Earth from Where I Stand. Journey, Occasional Soccer.”) including “+1 FOOTBALL MATCH” were donated to this project. In May 2009, approximately 43,000 mosquito nets were distributed in the Congo.

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